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Don Pedro

Linoleum Print on paper
3" x 4"

This small-scale linoleum block print creates a graphic impression of Don Pedro Albizu Campos, the father of Puerto Rican Nationalism whose radical tactics sparked fear in the US colonial administration. Elected as President of the Nationalist Party in 1930, he led an awesome campaign for independence and Puerto Rican pride, demonstrating stout opposition to Americanization campaigns in the island. Albizu spent most of his adult life serving time in US federal prisons on sedition charges and conspiracy to overthrow the US government. While incarcerated, Albizu complained that he was being exposed to radiation. Governor Muñoz Marín and other Puerto Ricans dismissed the accusations as evidence of dymentia. As a result of his deteriorating health, he was finally pardoned and died just five months after his release from prison. It was April 21st 1965. In the 1990s, the US government admitted to having conducted radiation experiments on thousands of federal prison inmates over a period of several decades.

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