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Hija de Yemaya y Ochun

Oil on Canvas
35" x 32"

This is the first painting I created with orishas as the subject matter, however it was not intended at the beginning. My idea was to create a scene of mothers and children on a New York City stoop. During this time I had been reading various books on Santeria. As I found new information in the books, new images would reveal themselves in my painting. It was probably half way through the painting that I discovered the figures taking on characteristics of the orishas by their position in the composition and the colors used. The figure in the foreground was Yemaya. The figure of the woman at the window became Oshun, orisha of love, and the little boy in the background represented Eleggua who in some of his attributes is considered youthful and playful and is often presented with toys and candies as offerings. It is titled "Hija de Yemaya y Ochun" because of the child who is being cared for by the Yemaya figure and a belief in Santeria that Yemaya, as the mothering orisha, often cared for Ochun's children.

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