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Malcolm X
(Cover Art, "Rhymes for Treason CD", 2005, The Welfare Poets)

Digital Image

This image was designed to accompany the Albizu Campos art work for the Welfare Poets, "Rhymes for Treason" album (2005). The concept with this portrait of Malcolm X is to present him against the backdrop of the African Liberation flag, red, black and green, rendered in a color scheme inspired by this very flag. In addition to featuring the Puerto Rican struggle in the cover art, it was important to the Welfare Poets that they also feature an element of the black liberation struggle. I say "black" in the sense of the African-American struggle and the Pan-Africanist struggles of Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey, not to make a distinction for Puerto Ricans because we too are a part of the African Diaspora and are a part of that very struggle. Malcolm X and Albizu Campos, with both their "by any means necessary" approaches have served as beacons in the struggle in Puerto Rico and throughout the diaspora. The two men passed away exactly 2 months apart, February 21st and April 21st of 1965.

Again, in tune with the Rhymes for Treason concept, and speaking out against injustice, Malcolm is featured at the mic.



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