yasmin hernandez welcome



Graphite on Paper
15" x 11"
Private Collection of Jose Hernandez

This is another drawing that I created for the Patrias exhibition in Brooklyn in the fall of 2004. Again, working with memories of my childhood, I was inspired by a photo of my dad when he was younger. My sister and I would always go through my mom's things to find her stash of old family photos. We always loved this photo of my dad since it shows him mackin'. He always knew he looked good and the photo that inspired this piece is the best example of that. It was actually taken not long after my brother was born, when my parents were newlyweds, in about 1966/ 67. My dad came from Ponce, Puerto Rico in his teenage years but was already a man, having worked since an early age and having taken care of his younger siblings. My dad and his brothers mostly lived in downtown, Brooklyn except his older brother lived near East New York with my mom's sister. It was at their place that he met my mom. Today I have a bunch of cousins twice related. Four Quirindongo sisters and four Hernandez brothers made a bunch of babies in downtown Brooklyn and East New York. It was meant to be since although both families hailed from Ponce, they didn't meet until the 1960s in Brooklyn.