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Ponce Massacre Installation

Mixed Media Installation
Hartell Gallery, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

This painting was part of my Proclaim Your Emancipation installation created as my BFA thesis project, the year before the centennial of the US invasion of Puerto Rico. For this reason I chose to dedicate the subject of my thesis project to investigating the relationship between the two nations. Catholicism was referenced in the aesthetic design of the installation, which was divided into three parts, representing a death, a memorial and a resurrection. This piece represented the memorial, erected for the victims of the Ponce Massacre, but also symbolized the commemoration of a conceptual death of colonialism. This part of the exhibit challenged the viewer to abandon the concept of a colonized mind, in preparation for the next painting, which served as a call to action. (Click "Next Image" link below to see Proclaim Your Emancipation).

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